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Dandelion - Wishes Brought to You - by Cheritz is now available on Steam! You can buy it for USD$29.99, or if you’ve already purchased the game before, you can read more about retrieving your Steam key here.



Pyrite Heart is now available on Steam!

Until October 2, the game is available for a special price.  You will also receive a special digital dakimakura with purchase.

The Steam developer mentioned they were, “testing the waters for otome games in general,” so support the game if you can!  You can also check out the developer at their tumblr:

Note that the previously free version is no longer available.

Very special thanks to taimea for all the info and links!!!

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Add Your Game to the FYR Queue


Developers, do you have an older Ren’Py game that wants a little love or a new release or demo that needs exposure?  Post in the #ren’py, #visual novel, or #oelvn tags or send me the post URL to have it added to the queue.  Devs without Tumblr accounts can submit a post.

Having scoured Tumblr’s archives for games for the queue, I have a few suggestions on how to get reblogs:

  • Include screenshots, so we can see how beautiful it is.
  • Add a short synopsis.  
  • Make sure the download links work and the game is easy to download.  I don’t reblog posts that have dodgy or non-working links.  The Visual Novel Initiative offers hosting for visual novel projects.  Gamejolt offers hosting for any free, complete game.  You can also upload attachments to a Lemma Soft Forum game thread or have the game hosted at
  • Tag so people who don’t follow you can still find your game.
  • Add glitter

The queue currently has over 100 game and demo releases.  New releases and demos always take precedence, new posts for older games will be shuffled in towards the front of the queue.  If you’ve made changes to your game (updated version, additional translations, etc.) and you make a new post it will replace any old posts in the queue. 



Iiiiit’s bundle time.  Sweet, sweet, bundles.

With this one?  You can get Graverobber, Detective Chirpums, and Gods of Nowhere for the price of a cup of coffee and a bagel.  May not be as edible, but is equally delicious.  

This only lasts a week, so get all three games for $3.99 over here!


This is still going on and will be for another 3 days, jsyk!

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Anonymous asked

Is there any further fault beta update time table?


Chapter 3 is done, we’re holding off on integration until we have chapters 1, 2, and 3 all edited before we release another beta update. —RQ

Erotica Written By An 8 Year Old Boy Who Is Still Trying To Figure Out What Sex Is



Tom Brady was tired from all the football he had been playing. He was sweaty too. He had scored like 100 touchdowns.

Something you should know about Tom Brady is that he is the best at football. He is also the best at sex. He is the Tom Brady of sex. He definitely knows what it is and how to do it.  

As he walked off the football field , he ran into Margaret. She was the head cheerleader for the New England Patriots. She had long blonde hair, like that elf guy in the Hobbit, but better because she was a girl. Her boobs were really big, full of milk, probably.

“Hey Tom,” she said.

“Hey Margaret, you look dumb today,” he said back.

Girls like it when you are mean to them.

Margaret smiled. She liked it when Tom was mean to her.

“Thanks Tom Brady. You are so good at sports. You have won so many Superbowls,” Margaret said.  She started to walk towards him, winking both eyes.

That’s when something crazy happened: Tom Brady’s peenie got big and muscular, like Gastons muscles in that scene from Beauty and the Beast. He didn’t get it, because he still thought girls were dumb and ugly. Maybe it was because his peenie was angry.

Margaret walked towards him slowly, and she gave him the look that Nala gives Simba in that scene in the Lion King.

“Why are you looking at me like Nala does in the Lion King?” Tom Brady asked sexily.

“Because I want to sex ya,” Margaret said. “Let’s do sex. You with your peenie, and me with mine.”

“Oh girls have peenies too?” Tom asked even though he knew the answer.

“Of course we do! We have girl peenies. They’re almost the same, but a little different. Full of milk just like our boobs.”

Tom nodded.

She quickly took off her cheerleading shirt and then her bra.

Boing Boing! Her breasts fell out.

She threw her bra away like a boomerang. The bra went soaring through the air and then flew back to tom Brady’s hands like Thor’s hammer in the Avengers.

Tom Brady caught it, which means that you can have sex now.

Each big boob probably weighed 80 pounds, like a big river bass, and was white and beautiful and had a shiny nickel at the end.

“Nice nickels!” Tom Brady said.

Margaret walked up to Tom, and they kissed.

Then Tom’s peenie exploded, and that was it. Sex was over.

“Thanks so much Tom Brady for sexing with me,” said Margaret.

“Shut up ya dumb fart breath,” said Tom. “I gotta go play football.

He turned and ran for the field, but stopped before he got there.

“I love you Margaret,” he yelled back at her.

“Love you, too,” she said.